Marked By Luxury

A holistic, emotional & sustainable approach to excellence

Nestled in London’s heart and operating globally, Marked By Luxury is not just a boutique learning hub – it is an innovative knowledge point that pulsates with creativity and a pursuit of excellence that is coupled with a deep-rooted commitment to kindness and collaboration.

With a touch of audacious innovation, we provide tailored advisory services to help clients transform their businesses with a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional consulting. We offer specialised guidance, including training, brand management, culture development, sustainability practices, and aesthetic intelligence application.


Led by our visionary founder Maria Kalymnou, a Luxury Services Expert with a flair for finesse and a long proven background in the high-end luxury industry, and supported by top-tier luxury professionals, our bespoke learning programmes and advisory services redefine the Essence of Luxury.

Based on the values of kindness, integrity, inclusivity, attention to detail and passion, we aim to nurture the architects of luxury’s future in the art of high-end services while building a community of change and collaboration.

Inspired by Philoxenia, the
ancient Greek and delightful Art of Hospitality


We redefine luxury, by meticulously blending Greek Meraki with Japanese Kodawari

  1. Our Approach

    We embrace a holistic emotional philosophy, viewing luxury as an immersive sensory journey that engages all senses. Through a 360-degree strategy, we strive to provide our clientele with a profound understanding of authentic luxury practiced with flair and spontaneity.

  2. Our Ethos

    Our ethos blends Greek Philoxenia, the Art of Hospitality, with Japanese Omotenashi, wholehearted guest care. Guided by Greek Meraki's passionate approach and Japanese Kodawari's precision, we uphold timeless standards of excellence, doing things the right way.

  1. Our Mission

    Our mission is to elevate the standards of customer service, leadership, and empower confidence through strategic advisory and comprehensive training, which will help individuals and organisations to accomplish and deliver consistent perfectionism.

  2. Our Social Impact

    Making a positive impact is central to our identity. Beyond our for-profit ventures, we're dedicated to establishing a non-profit division. In collaboration with UK and Greece-based charities, we aim to empower women with convictions, equipping them with essential skills, resources, and support for their vocational aspirations, while strengthening the local employment pool.