Marked By Luxury

A holistic, emotional & sustainable approach to luxury

Nestled in the heart of London and operating globally, Marked By Luxury is a boutique hub that provides bespoke luxury training and advisory services.

With a touch of audacious innovation, we provide tailored advisory services to help clients transform their businesses with a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional consulting. We offer specialised guidance, including training, brand management, culture development, team building, and aesthetic intelligence application.

Led by our visionary founder Maria Kalymnou, a Luxury Services Expert with a long proven background in the high-end luxury industry, and supported by top-tier luxury professionals, our services redefine the Essence of Luxury.

We aim to nurture the architects of luxury’s future in the art of high-end services, while building a community of change and collaboration.

Inspired by Philoxenia, the
delightful ancient Greek Art of Hospitality


We redefine luxury, by meticulously blending Greek Meraki with Japanese Kodawari

  • Our Mission

    To redefine service excellence by nurturing talents and shaping people into architects of luxury.

  • Our Commitment

    We are committed to practise what we teach - dedicated to transforming the service landscape, by fostering a new era of professionals who will redefine the future of customer service. Through innovation, consultation, and a commitment to unparalleled collaboration, we strive to leave an indelible mark on the industry, creating a legacy of distinction and inspiration.

  • Our Approach

    We embrace a holistic emotional philosophy, viewing luxury as a transformational journey that engages all senses. Through an immersive strategy, we provide our partners with a profound understanding of authentic luxury.

  • Our Ethos

    Our ethos blends Greek Philoxenia, the Art of Hospitality, with Japanese Omotenashi, wholehearted guest care. Guided by Greek Meraki's passionate approach and Japanese Kodawari's precision, we uphold timeless standards of excellence, doing things the right way.