Introducing The Circle

Where exclusivity meets expertise, and your success is our mission.

More than a membership; it’s a gateway to unparalleled benefits: cost-saving, actionable improvement, customisation, employee retention and unwavering support, to ensure your business thrives in the ever-changing world of luxury services. 

This advisory programme is tailored to your unique ambitions, whether you are an established powerhouse or an aspiring luxury brand. We believe that meaningful change requires time, thoughtful planning, and ongoing support.

That’s why The Circle operates on a minimum 6-month basis, ensuring a dynamic and continually evolving membership experience. We’re committed to being with you every step of the way, ensuring that the strategies we implement have the time to take root and yield tangible, lasting results. 

As your companions in this voyage, we’re here with you, guiding and observing the extraordinary shifts that are on the horizon for your business.

We assure a complete
and all-encompassing transformation


Change is the driving force behind your business' evolution. It's the catalyst for progress and the path to success

Your tailored Circle package may include:

  1. Talent Development and Training

    Training is a core pillar of The Circle's success and revolves around your specific needs. AIM: to empower your people, to equip them with the right skillset and to make them thrive.

  2. Assessment and Evaluations

    We perform a variety of data collection processes, from interactive assessments to comprehensive feedback. AIM: to provide actionable recommendations.

  3. Client Experience Enhancement

    Designing exclusive and personalised experiences that captivate luxury clientele. AIM: to redefine customer journey mapping and ensure touchpoint optimisation.

  4. Rebranding Guidance

    We assess your current brand image and positioning to guide you through brand enhancement or a rebranding strategy. AIM: to craft a compelling luxury brand identity.

  1. Cultural Transformation

    Fostering a new service culture that embodies excellence and consistency. AIM: to leverage our expertise in the development and change management of your business.

  2. Dedicated Support

    A designated point of contact for members to ensure personalised assistance throughout the membership period. AIM: to accomplish goals together.

  3. Rolling Consultation

    Depending on your need, we set up a schedule of personalised phygital advisory. AIM: to make a permanent mark of excellence and ensure consistency.

  4. Special Rates

    Discounts on additional training programs, consultations, or supplementary services are offered. AIM: to show our gratitude to our loyal partners.