Designing the extraordinary

As industry pioneers, we are deeply inspired by Meraki and Kodawari mindsets, embracing the Ancient Greek art of hospitality and the Japanese attention to detail as we curate exclusive training programs for VIP Flight Attendants and Yacht Crew members. Our dedication to service excellence knows no bounds, ensuring an unmatched level of meticulous care and personalised experience.

Our commitment to the Kodawari mindset infuses every aspect of our training, empowering your teams to embrace the art of anticipation and the pursuit of perfection.

Our training programmes are not just about mastering the art of service; they are about creating an extraordinary experience – a harmonious blend of bespoke care, sophisticated style, and the authentic essence of the Greek and the Japanese hospitality mindsets.

From forseeing your passengers’ every need to orchestrating seamless yacht operations, we empower your teams to exceed expectations at every turn.

Luxury knows no bounds,

soaring through the skies and sailing across the seas.

Yesterday’s ‘wow’ becomes today’s ‘ordinary

  • Setting new heights for flight attendants

    Our international or domestic VIP Flight Attendant training directly addresses the needs, rules, and policies of private aviation operators. By traveling to your base and conducting courses at your facility, we deliver tailor-made excellence for your staff, in an authentic aviation environment. Elevate your flight attendants’ skill set, empowering them to represent your company with unparalleled distinction.

  • Innovative solutions for effortless luxury

    At Marked By Luxury, we understand that luxury does not need to be extravagant; it should embody a personal touch and a sense of creative flair. Our aircraft management advisory services extend to private aviation companies and yacht operators alike, guiding you in selecting the finest crystal, cutlery, linens, and amenities. Additionally, we help establish efficient cost control systems for all operational arrangements, through a holistic and sustainable approach - ensuring a perfect blend of luxury and efficiency.

  • Sailing towards unparrelled service

    Just as the seas beckon adventure, our yacht crew training programmes invite your team to explore the art of supremacy on the waves. We offer specialised courses and workshops that hone essential skills, from personalised guest service to seamless yacht management. Our experienced trainers work closely with your crew, fostering an environment of creativity, precision, and seamless coordination.

  • Our unrivaled expertise

    At the heart of our legacy stands our visionary founder, with over 16 years of unparalleled experience in the private aviation industry. With a prestigious portfolio that includes serving distinguished clientele, ranging from heads of states to royal families, our hands-on experience is the very cornerstone of our commitment to mastery. Moreover, collaborating closely with associates who boast extensive experience in the yacht industry further enriches our offering with a wealth of maritime knowledge and a shared dedication to delivering perfectionism.

Drawing from our wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise

Our training programmes go beyond conventional methods.

We infuse each session with real-world insights and the unique challenges faced by those in the private aviation and yachting world creating a harmonious blend of personalised care, sophisticated style, and meticulous attention to detail.

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