The MBL Masterclass

The MBL Masterclass is devoted to guiding the next generation of customer service professionals in mastering the art of excellence, and is delivered across ten categories that cover all the soft skills required for the luxury customer service market, including building relationships with consumers, executive presence, business etiquette, leadership, customer service and communication skills.

The MBL Masterclass includes a Japanese Customer Service Excellence session, which will enable customer service professionals to establish harmony in their workspace, following the ancient Japanese patterns for doing things the right way, known as Kata and Omotenashi.



Providing an excellent experience requires not only an outstanding product, but also premium and unforgettable service. The ability to adapt to expectations and provide unique experiences to each and every customer is the bedrock of luxury service.

Our signature Luxury Masterclass includes the following sections in detail:


Selling a premium luxury service or product comes with a different set of expectations from the luxury consumer.
The essence of luxury is never about needs or wants, but rather always about the energy of desire – great luxury expert understands that they are never just selling a product, they’re selling a lifestyle.


The nurturing of positive customer relationships is crucial to survival in today’s competitive marketplace. Customer care is not just about dealing with customers who are unhappy with a service. It is about creating a positive experience whenever dealing with them – delivering excellence in every single moment of interaction.


Marked by Luxury offers training in the mastery of telephone etiquette – delivering guidelines to be followed by anyone who relies on the telephone as a means of communication with clients. The best way to learn telephone skills is by example, and Marked by Luxury provides challenging scenarios designed to help participants understand how to handle any situation with grace and style.


Body language and eye contact are highly influential aspects of communication, and understanding the nuances of both is essential in the development of superb interpersonal communication skills. The Marked By Luxury Body Language And Eye Contact session will empower your team to both identify and appreciate non-verbal clues, whilst teaching them the effective application of eye contact.


In the distinctly competitive luxury market, what comes to define the output of a business is brand delivery. Much like branding is a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy, distinctive personal branding is just as important to anyone operating in, or employed in the high-end luxury market. Our Personal Branding course will empower your team to deliver brand values in every single interaction they make.


Everything in the universe is cause and effect, and there is always a reason for a person’s behaviour. The skill of handling complaints is in empathetically looking after the ‘human’ element to determine the underlying emotion driving the behaviour.. Nurturing the ability to respond confidently, calmly, and professionally, when dealing with complaints, is the core of this section.

Aesthetics are more prominent in business now than ever before, and the expectations of potential consumers have evolved beyond recognition when it comes to the luxury field. The Marked by Luxury course on aesthetics showcases and explores the five essential categories to consider when achieving an efficient luxury aesthetic – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.


The ‘greatness’ in a great team always stems from the leader, the one who sets both the tone and the standards to be applied. To become a business leader, who guides effective and high performing teams, takes both persistence and the consistent pursuit of excellence. The Marked By Luxury course on Leading Luxury Teams enables one to develop the skill-set required to inspire and lead with electrifying verve.


The Japanese art of Omotenashi is core to the ethos of Marked By Luxury and has a close meaning to hospitality, but takes the notion far further than in the Western paradigm. According to Omotenashi one has to put their heart into delivering the most excellent service imaginable. The Marked By Luxury Omotenashi section of The Masterclass is based on enshrining the understanding that luxury service is always about the one-to-one relationship, and that it differs from situation to situation.


The near-perfect customer service one finds in Japan is based upon a unique system that must be followed and applied at all times. This system, known as Kata, explains how to achieve customer service standards that are close to perfection – thereby developing applicable skills one needs to deliver a service that always exceeds expectations.