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Your Bespoke MBL Masterclass is devoted to guiding the next generation of customer service professionals in mastering the art of excellence across a diverse range of industries, including hospitality, private aviation, healthcare, real estate, beauty, fashion and beyond.

Tailored for established and aspiring luxury brands, our comprehensive program covers eight solid categories, encompassing all the soft skills required for the discerning luxury customer service market. 

Our training delves into the intricacies of building strong relationships with guests, fostering executive presence, refining service protocols, honing communication skills, and infusing personalisation and aesthetic intelligence.

With a keen focus on self-awareness and professional growth, our Masterclass equips participants with the tools to deliver unparalleled service through a transformational culture development.

Decoding Luxury

True luxury is not about excess; it's an essence, an experience, a way of life. It is the canvas upon which dreams are woven, where every touch, every scent, and every sight tells a story of opulence and grace.

Our signature Luxury Masterclass includes the following sections in detail:

  1. The Essence of Luxury

    Providing an excellent experience demands exceptional products and unparalleled service. The ability to adapt to expectations and provide unique experiences to each and every customer is the bedrock of luxury service. This first section decodes the Essence of Luxury.

  2. The Protocols of High-End Service

    We refine existing protocols with a touch of greatness, drawing inspiration from the Greek Philoxenia and the Japanese Omotenashi - philosophies with a core beleif of doing things wholeheartedly. Learn to infuse every interaction with attention to detail and the essence of thoughtful consideration, elevating the overall guest experience to unprecedented levels.

  3. Service Culture Development

    Our goal here is to elevate and transform current service standards, to support your team in embracing change and to ensure a smooth transition along the way. With a commitment to innovation, we aim to instill a culture where every interaction embodies the epitome of service, setting a new benchmark for perfection in the luxury services industry.

  4. Cultivating Aesthetic Intelligence

    Creating an immersive experience in the physical space is an essential aspect of designing your guest journey map. Together, we will elevate your brand’s approach to guest satisfaction by infusing every touchpoint with a symphony of visual and sensory delights while maintaining consistency with the brand aesthetics.

  1. The Power of Personalisation

    We guide your team on going above and beyond to Surprise & Delight, weaving a narrative of personalisation that leaves a lasting impression. Learn the strategic nuances to ensure that every interaction is a bespoke journey designed to captivate and resonate long after the encounter.

  2. Building Emotional Connections

    The journey from transactional to relational interactions is the first step in connecting and communicating emotionally with a guest - a central feature for success in the luxury industry. We meticulously outline the significance of empathy and active listening, guiding your team through a transformational journey to foster meaningful connections.

  3. BBB - Building, Bonding, Bettering

    Teamwork is a central pillar of a thriving brand. In this section, through communication and engagement, we unveil the secrets to establishing a cohesive team. These interactive and collaborative activities unlock your team's potential and consecutively create a delightful journey of unity and improvement that glows internally and reflects externally.

  4. Overcoming Challenges

    The dynamic luxury industry calls for brands to navigate through managing high expectations, demanding clients, and preserving authenticity in client relations. We decode and interpret the essential finesse needed to gracefully handle difficult situations, turning problems into opportunities - confidently, calmly and professionally.

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